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It has been a wonderful year, x has flourished and grown in confidence. It is amazing how much he has learnt over the year and is heart warming to see he is so enthusiastic to learn. Thank you for making his first year at ‘Big school’ so memorable and enjoyable.
Such a lovely report, full of information and detail. A huge thank you for all you have done for x and for making his first year at school so enjoyable
Thank you for making the start of school so wonderful and enriching.
X loved his first school year. Thank you for helping make this journey so easy.
X first year at school has helped them develop and grow as a person and given them lots of confidence to try new things.

We are very pleased with x school report. We see how much she has been challenged and how much she has developed, both emotionally and socially.
X had a fantastic year. Her independence and focus have improved significantly which manifested itself with her writing and reading.
Thank you for inspiring x and making school so much fun for her.
The improvement in her reading and writing skills is incredible and we are very proud parents indeed.
Reading this report was amazing and we are so proud how, with the support of teaching staff, she has made a u turn and is achieving age expectations. We are looking forward to the challenges of year 2 because of the great base she has had in year 1.
Thanks for writing such a beautiful report, we can’t thank you enough for inspiring x in year 1.
A really good report both with next steps/targets and praise.



Both of us are delighted with x’s report and very proud of his progress and achievement. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work this year, challenging and developing x who looks forward to going to school every day.
What an amazing report! He has progressed hugely in year 2 and this is clearly reflected in his SATs results and the contents of this report.
X has had a big year of development in year 2. We are so proud of what he has managed to achieve. Thank you for all the support you have given and myself to get through this year. Hoping that KS2 is as successful as KS1. We are both looking forward to the year ahead.
Thank you for the amazing effort and support you have given x this year, they have grown so much within themselves and different aspects of learning.
Thank you so much for all your help and support, X did amazing in year 2.

We are so very proud of X. She is incredibly proud to be a pupil at Roecroft. She is also highly motivated thanks to the recognition rewards on offer, this we feel is so important. Thank you for another wonderful year.
X has loved year 3 in Kestrel class. Thank you for all your hard work with x this year, she has definitely grown in confidence and ability.
We are very proud of X progress this year and agree that her reading in particular has flourished. Overall another great year, thank you.
A fantastic report. Thank you for all your support this year and your hard work too!

Thank you to all the staff and teachers! You have made X time at Roecroft amazing and I’m so proud of her progress. Thank you all, and a great report.
Many thanks for a wonderful year of opportunities and support for x in his last year at Roecroft. He has loved is and it’s been a fantastic year. Much appreciated.
Thank you to all of X teachers throughout his Roecroft School journey for making his learning so enjoyable.
I’m so proud of how far x has come in his time at Roecroft. This year he has finally become the happy confident boy he once was and that’s all thanks to all of the amazing staff and the great opportunities that have been given to him.
X has excelled throughout his time at Roecroft. All teachers are welcoming, approachable and it genuinely feels like a family. Hand on heart I feel very fortunate that my children have had the opportunity to be part of the ‘Roecroft’ family.
We have really appreciated the care and support x has received at Roecroft. Roecroft is a well led, balanced, learning environment and we are so grateful to have been members.
Just to say thank you for providing x support and guidance through her first years school. Thanks to you she has a solid foundation to take with her to her new school and to build on as you have taught her. Thank you.
X has loved every minute at Roecroft and will miss everyone so much! Thank you for making her journey so special.

What a brilliant report, very personal and accurate. X has had a wonderful year and I am sure this has been down to the fantastic teaching, being able to pin point exactly where he has needed to improve in the different areas of learning. Thank you for all the opportunities and experiences that have been available to him this year.