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Internet Safety

Keeping children safe on the internet

In school the children have been learning about E-Safety and how important it is to keep safe on the internet. They have all signed and made agreements for using the ICT equipment and the internet appropriately from Foundation up to Year 4.


Children use the internet in school and search websites for information as well as using the learning platform at home and at school. They have mentioned that at home a lot of them have access to X-Box live, play on iPad’s and other tablet computers, iPhone’s and other smartphones.  Have their own email addresses and use theirs or parents’ Facebook accounts etc.  Attached to this letter is a parent and carers guide about ensuring your children are safe while surfing the internet and hints on tips on what you can so to ensure their safety.  Below is also a link to a page on the ‘CEOP think you know’ website which is a great website with lots of information for parents and carers. By clicking on the link it will take you to some online videos with more information from professionals about the importance of E-Safety.



This is an ever increasingly important subject and is one of Ofsted’s priorities and should be taken seriously by all parents and carers of children.   Please take time to read and take note of the leaflet attached and take a look at the online videos and the ‘think you know’ website;


Ensure your children are always safe when using the internet.