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Roecroft Lower School

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Roecroft Lower School

Headteacher: Mrs Hollie Cross 

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Jemma Pepper 

SENDCo: Mrs Kirsty Taylor 

All enquiries will initially be dealt with by a member of our office team: Mrs Ruth Gosnold, Mrs Lindsey Gibson and Mrs Lindsey Cheshire

Any information on our website can be provided in paper copy, please contact the office by telephone or email to discuss your requirements.


01462 730336

Any last minute changes to pick up must be telephoned through to the school.




Buttercup Road


Staff Contact Details:

If you need to contact your child's class teacher they are available at drop off and pick up each day. Alternatively they can be contacted on the email addresses below.

*** Please do not use these addresses for changes to pick up and general enquiries ***


Name Year Class Email
Miss Ashby EYFS Cygnet kashby@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Polson EYFS Duckling hpolson@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Johnson EYFS Gosling hjohnson@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Steed 1 Penguin lsteed@roecroft.co.uk
Miss Foxwell 1 Puffin jfoxwell@roecroft.co.uk
Miss Cottrell 1 Robin hcottrell@roecroft.co.uk

Miss Emmerson

2 Owl


Mrs Speltinckx

2 Swan jspeltinckx@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Keatings 3 Falcon skeatings@roecroft.co.uk
Mr Stephen 3 Kestrel cstephen@roecroft.co.uk

Miss Wood
Miss Hicks

3 Kingfisher



Miss Houghton 4 Eagle mhoughton@roecroft.co.uk
Miss Hylton 4 Hawk dhylton@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Dunne 4 Kite kdunne@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Cross Headteacher hcross@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Pepper Deputy Headteacher jpepper@roecroft.co.uk
Mrs Taylor SENDCo ktaylor@roecroft.co.uk